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Current Issue : December 2023: Volume - 9 Issue - 2

July 2023: Volume - 9 Issue - 1

Current Issue :-Dec 2022: Volume - 8 Issue - 2

July 2022: Volume - 8 Issue - 1

December 2021: Volume - 7 Issue - 2

July 2021: Volume - 7 Issue - 1

December 2020: Volume - 6 Issue - 2

July 2020: Volume - 6 Issue - 1

December 2019: Volume - 5 Issue - 2

July 2019: Volume - 5 Issue - 1

December 2018: Volume - 4 Issue - 2

1.Various Noise Cancellation Techniques in PLL: A Survey Samiksha Shrivastava Page No.1-4

2.China Clay as a Low Cost Adsorbent to Removal Hexavalent Chromium Metal Ion from Wastewater Ajmat Ali , Dhanesh Singh, Manish Upadhyay Page No.5-13

3.Application of IT in Treatment of Chronic Pain (Chip-Tonic) Riya Singh , Anirudha M. Bage Page No.14-18

4 Effect of Parental Encouragement on Adjustment of Urban and Rural Higher Secondary School Students Parvati Yadav, Mrs Chandra Prabha Jaiswal Page No.19-22

July 2018: Volume - 4 Issue - 1

1. Post-Monsoon Season Physicochemical parameters for testing of Ground water in Takhatpur Area, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India Rakesh Kumar Yadav, M.R. Augur Page No.1-6

2.Structural And Optical Properties Of Pr Doped Rare Earth Element In (Cd- Ag) S Thin Film Obtain By Chemical Bath Deposition Technique G. Yadu, M. Akash Pateria, K. Deshmukh Page No.7-11

3.Highly sensitive diazotized coupling method for the determination of phorate in various agricultural and environmental samples Jaya Singh, Rakesh Singh Dhundhel, Rajmani Patel Page No.12-17

4.Comparative Studies on the Physiochemical Properties of Different Soils to High Yield in Crop of Bastar Zone Prabhakar Mishra D. S. Thakur Page No.18-21

5.Some Herbaceous Medicinal Plants In Bilaspur (C.G.) Ku. Nidhi Gupta Page No.22-25

6.An Impact of Digital India: A Review Sunaina Tigga, Neelam Sahu Page No.26-31

7.Analysis and Classification of Diseases using Data Mining and Feature Selection Technique A. K. Shrivas, Yogendra Singh Thakur Page No.32-39

8.Creation of Institutional Digital Repository (IDR) for a University using Dspace Manoj Das, Sangeeta Singh Page No.40-48

9.Use Of Library Resources At Economically Backward Area: An Enumerative Case Study Of Government Women’s College, Bhawanipatna, Odisha, India Bishnu Prasad Choudhury, Sangeeta Singh 49-57

10 Paddy Procurement System Adopted By C.G. Govt. Zeenat Khan Khokhar, Prabhakar Pandey 58-62

December 2017: Volume - 3 Issue - 2

1.Marketing Problems of Minor Forest Produce in Tribal Area of Bilaspur District (C.G.) DR. PRABHAKAR PANDEY, DR. H.L. AGRAWAL, SHRUTI TIWARI 1-4 Page No.

1.Role of Nutrition on Performance of Sportspersons Avinash Kumar Singh Page No.1-4

2.Electronic (E) Waste: Past Present and Future in India Sonali Sirmour, Dr P K Gupta Page No.5-12

3.Pathway of Fluoride Hazards among Community Dr. Manish Upadhyay Page No.13-18

4.Socio-Economic Status of Rural Area of Durg Block In Durg District, Chhattisgarh Dr. Richa Yadav, V. Prashant Kumar Page No.19-21

5.Payment Banks: Challenges and Opportunities Dr. Anoop Dixit Page No.22-24

July 2017: Volume - 3 Issue - 1

1.Marketing Problems of Minor Forest Produce in Tribal Area of Bilaspur District (C.G.) DR. PRABHAKAR PANDEY, DR. H.L. AGRAWAL, SHRUTI TIWARI 1-4 Page No.

2.Mental Toughness among Male Hockey Players: with Reference to Level of Participation DR. B. JOHN, KAVITA KSHIRSAGAR Page No.5-7

3.A Comparative Study of Positive Mental Health between Tribal and Non Tribal Volleyball Players DR. B. JOHN, MEGHA KHAJURIA Page No.8-10

4.A Comparative Study of Sports Emotional Intelligence between National, State and District Level Basketball Players DR. B. JOHN, PRABHJOT KOUR Page No.11-14

5.An Efficient and Computationally Efficient Model for Classification of Heart Disease SATISH TEWALKER, DR. A.K. SHRIVAS Page No.15-19

6. Green Synthesis And Characterization Of Silver Nanoparticle From Butea Monosperma Lutea (Palas) Found In Kharga Lormi Chhattisgarh. MRS. RASHMI VERMA, MR. ABHISHEK SHRAMA Page No.20-24

7.Study of Dengue Child Patient in Chhattisgarh SANJAY THAKUR, K.R.SAHU Page No.25-30

8.Biodiversity Of Fish On Karhi Pond In Mungeli District (C.G.) RAMA MISHRA Page No.31-32

December 2016: Volume - 2 Issue - 2

1. Integral Education: A Keen Tool of Self Development R. MADHURI RANI Page No.1-4

2.A Study of Anxiety in Physical Education Students DR. JAI SHANKER YADAV, DR. YUWRAJ SHRIVASTAVA Page No. 5-10

7.Globalization and Innovative Ways of Sustainable Development PREETI MIRE Page No.25-27

9.Remote Sensing and Its Application RAJA JHARIYA, ASHUTOSH PANDEY, DR. MANISH UPADHYAY, DR. A. K. SHRIVASTAVA Page No. 30-35

10.Internet of Things (IoT): A Review AMRITA VERMA Page No.36-46

July 2016: Volume - 2 Issue - 1

1.Inculcating Values through Education BANERJEE SHIKHA, BANERJEE ITI, KHANDELWAL PRATIBHA Page No.1-3

2.Integral Education & Sustainable Development: A Step Towards Globalization BANO SABINA Page No.4-8

3.Building Life Skills Through Swami Vivekananda’s Education DUTTA RIMA Page No. 9-15

4.Role of Higher Education in Sustainable Development YADAV PRAGYA, CHANDRAWANSHI MEENAKSHI Page No. 16-20

5.Value Based Education -A Remedy for Decreasing Crime Rate SAIMONS SMRITI KIRAN, NIRMALKAR SNEHLATA, SHUKLA RAGINI Page No.21-24

6.Need of Value Based Education in 21st Century DUTTA ATINDRA NATH, KHANDEKAR VINAY Page No.25-28

7.Cultural Consideration In School Teaching – A Quality Education HASSAN MEHEBOOB Page No.29-30

8.Integral Education: A Keen Tool Of Self Development WADETTIWAR SONALI B. Page No.31-33

9.Translation of Speech from Speech : A Review VERMA AMRITA Page No.34-38

10.Study of Dengue Patient in Chhattisgarh THAKUR SANJAY, SAHU K. R. Page No. 39-43

December 2015: Volume - 1 Issue - 2

1.Some Fixed Point Results on F-Type Contractions Without Monotone Property In Partially Ordered Metric-Like Spaces SHARMA KUMAR ATUL Page No. 1 - 9

2.Promotion as the Predictor of Purchase Intention: A Study on Cosmetic Product in Central Chhattisgarh MISHRA EKTA, MISHRA NAMRATA Page No. 10 - 15

3.The Supernatural Elements In Ruskin Bond “The Overcoat” BANO SHAMEENA Page No.16 - 21

4.Isolation and Identification of Soil Mycoflora of Tea Plant at Jashpur (Chhattisgarh) SHARMA K., DUBEY SWATI Page No. 22 - 25

5. Study of Seasonal Variations of Phytoplankton and their Correlation With Physicochemical Parameters of Mahamaya, Pond Tifra, Bilaspur (C.G.) KANCHAN RAJAK , SHARMA KAVITA, VERMA N. J. Page No. 26 - 31

6. A study on the impact of celebrity image on consumer buying behavior in Chhattisgarh MISHRA EKTA Page No. 32 - 37

7.A Study on Awareness of Edible And Ethnomedicinal Herbs of Ratanpur Block of Bilaspur District of Chhattisgarh SHARMA LATA, SHIVHARE USHA Page No. 38 - 40

8.Comparative Analysis of Heuristic Optimization for Achieving Maximum Efficiency of Multi-Fuel Boiler SHUKLA ASHOK KUMAR SHUKLA, THARAKAN B. D, MISHRA SAURABH TARUN Page No. 41 - 46

July 2015: Volume - 1 Issue - 1

1.Biometrical Authentication of Twins from Side-View using Hybrid Approach. Raja Rohit, Sinha Tilendra Shishir and Dubey Ravi Prakash Page No.1-7

2.World Ranking of University -A View Naik Pramod Kumar and Sutradhar Aniket Page No.8-11

3.Effect of Home Environment on Different Dimensions of Emotional Maturity of Adolescents -A Study Mondal Sukriti and Aniket Page No.12-16

4.Assessment of microhabitats of Anura, Ophidia and Sauria of GHR of West Orissa, India.Soubhagya Pradhan, Devraj Mishra and Sahu K.R. Page No.17-22

5.Aero Phyllo Mycological Study Of Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Roselle) In Summer Season Sahu Seema, Dr. K. Sharma and Patra S. Page No.23-27

6.An application of the Cesarosummability to the wavelet approximation Sharma Shubhra and Khadanga Chitaranjan Page No.28-31

7.Innovative Horizons In English Language Teaching Sangam Shruti Page No.32-37

8.A Survey on Anti-Phishing Techniques for Classification of Phishing E-mails Vaishnaw Niharika and Tandan S. R. Page No.38-48

9.Analysis of Metals in Industrial area, Raipur, Chhattisgarh Upadhyay Manish Page No.49-52

10.Biomechanics of Twisting In Gymnastics: Based on Literature Review Sharma Rajkumar and Yadav Jai Shankar Page No.53-55

11.Spectrophotometric Analysis of Iron Content in Spinach Bhardwaj Namita Page No.56-58

12.Study of Air Quality And Noise Status of Surrounding Area of Mahamay -Dulki Iron Ore Mine, Dalli-Rajhara, Dist. Balod Prasad S S, Sar, Santosh Kumar and Sinha Sanju Page No.59-64

13.Study of Plants for their Chlorophyll content, phenolic content and antioxidant properties Pate Kavita and Thethwar L.K. Page No.65-67

14.Study of Nonlinear Pulse Propagation in Cardiovascular System Biyani A. C., Sharma B. G. Page No.68-72